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Tips for the Bergen Funicular and Mount Floyen Hike

The Mount Fløyen hike and views was the definite highlight of my time in Bergen. If you will be in Bergen for any length of time it is a must-see. The entrance to the Bergen funicular is easily accessible, right in the city center, and you’ll be whisked away to a perfect piece of Norway high in the mountains.

Activities described here are easily accessible and trails are well-marked, making it easy to do it on your own. Nevertheless, if you would like a guide to organize logistics and learn a bit more about Bergen, you can book a guided tour.

View from Floyen

When to climb Mt. Fløyen

For the best views plan your trip to coincide with a sunny day (a bit difficult in Europe’s rainiest city, I know). Get up bright and early (7:30am) to be one of the first people in line for the Fløibanen funicular to go up the mountain.  Seriously, when you see the line of people waiting later in the day you’ll be glad you went early. Cruise ships bring in lots of day-tripping tourists and around 9:30 am the lines start getting very long. If you do have to wait, don’t worry because the funicular runs until 11:00pm, so you’ll be sure to get a ride.

Funicular tickets and prices

You can buy tickets online and doing so will help you avoid one of two lines at the base of the mountain. When buying tickets you do have to specify the day, but it isn’t possible to reserve a specific time, you’ll just have to wait in line. A round trip ticket for adults is 100 KRN (~$12 US) in the winter and 125 KRN (~$15) during the peak summer season. Although it’s pricey, the view is worth it.

Floyen funicular

It’s possible to hike up and down through some steep streets, but unless you are desperate to save money it’s better to pay for the ticket and plan to do your hiking at the top.

Riding the Bergen funicular

A 6-minute panoramic ride will take you to the top of Mount Fløyen.  The Bergen funicular cars are mostly glass and packed for standing room only. When getting on the funicular try to walk all the way in to the opposite side. The views are off to the right hand side as you are looking up the mountain; the left hand side is mostly wall and trees. The ride is smooth and feels very safe. For those of you afraid of heights, there are no major drop-offs that you look down on.

Bergen harbor
View over Bergen’s harbor and out to sea

At the top of Mt. Fløyen

Once at the top, the amazing view demands your immediate attention. All of Bergen is spread out before you and on a clear day you can just about see the ocean (technically the North Sea). There is plenty of room on the large look-out steps to take pictures.

View of Bergen

Never fear, bathrooms are readily available up top. If you need a snack there is both a café and restaurant, but seeing as they have a captive audience, the prices are high even for Norway. However, if it rains this is a good place to hang out for a bit and wait for the rain to pass.

Kids activities and playgrounds

Mount Fløyen is a great place for families and there are lots of activities that kids will like. There are even resident goats in the summer! Have a contest to see who can spot the most wooden trolls! There are multiple playgrounds for children of different ages that are free. Even adults will enjoy the giant ropes course and large wooden playground hidden in the woods. I definitely did!

Floyen ropes course

Lake Skomakerdiket

If you don’t have much time to hike but want to see a bit of nature, it is a quick 10-minute walk to the Skomakerdiket lake. The road makes it easy for wheelchairs and strollers and you are immediately away from most of the tourists. You can then walk a short path around the lake. In the summertime there are even free canoe rentals here!

Lake Skomakerdiket

Hiking trails

The Fløyen website lists 10 different hikes that you can do on the mountain, ranging from an hour and a half stroll to a 6-hour trek over the mountain to the town on the other side. Some trails have informational plaques in Norwegian and English that tell about the nature and history of the area. The trails are generally well marked and when I visited they were not crowded, despite the large number of people going up the funicular. My family and I hiked up to Revurtjern Lake, where there is a small picnic shelter. The lake had some great views and a number of wood-carved animals. It felt like a magical spot that made me want to learn more about Norse legends and trolls. As the wind whipped through the trees I could almost imagine there were trolls whispering to each other across the lake…

Wooden animals
Mount Floyen

What to bring to Hike Mount Fløyen

  • Snacks or a picnic
  • Something to read/do while in line for the funicular if you’ll be there during a peak time
  • Water bottle
  • Good walking shoes
  • Raincoat (even if it’s not raining–it will soon)
  • Warm layers (it will be colder in the mountains than down in the city center)
  • A camera or high quality phone for photos
  • A tripod or self-stick
  • A headlamp for the fog if you are doing serious hiking
Wooden trolls

If you are hungry after your hike, Bergen has lots of great places to eat. Read about restaurants and other fun things to do in Bergen.

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