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Quiz: Where Should I Teach Abroad?

If you want to teach abroad in an international school and are wondering where you should go, here is a way to help you figure it out: the Where Should I Teach Abroad Quiz.

Take this three-minute quiz right now, and see which of seven popular countries is the best choice for you.

This quiz looks at a number of different aspects that affect a person’s happiness when abroad. It was made for those that are or will be certified teachers in their home country in any subject.

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Things to Think About When Deciding Where To Teach Internationally


Not surprisingly, one of the most important factors in deciding where to teach abroad is money. A recent college graduate with little savings and student loans to pay will need to choose a country where they will make a lot of money. A mid-career professional who wants to take a gap year to teach abroad may not need to save anything and will have more options for places to go.

Generally speaking, the best-paying international schools are in Asia and the Middle East.


Moving abroad is a chance to try a totally different type of climate. Do you want tropical sunshine every day? Are looking to try living alongside snow? Maybe hot and dry is your jam. Whatever you want, be sure to research the annual weather in the exact city you are looking for a job in. Even in small countries, there can be drastic differences in different cities.


Speaking the language of the country you move to is a huge advantage. If you don’t speak that language, you need to find out how widely spoken English is. While you should always make an effort to learn the language of the host country, in many places it’s relatively easy to get around in English, especially in big cities.

Hearing about other teachers’ adventures abroad is a great way to prepare yourself and know what to expect. Here are the Best Podcasts about International Teaching.

Medical Care

Do you have any special medical needs? If so, you’ll need to make sure that the medical care is up to par. There are many places that have excellent medical facilities, but there are others where you would need to plan to leave the country for any major medical needs like surgeries. If you have bad allergies, diabetes, heart problems or other chronic issues, you’ll need to carefully research the facilities available to you.


Countries like Mexico and Thailand have world-renowned cuisines that are popular with food lovers. However, what’s probably more important than the country’s culinary fame is the availability of different foods. In some tropical places, for example, it can be difficult to get a large variety of vegetables. Some countries might have very few restaurants that feature cuisines from other cultures.

Also, those with special diets or food allergies should thoroughly research the availability of the foods they need or need to avoid.

Your specific identity and interests

This list could go on and on, but the bottom line is that you need to investigate how a location would or wouldn’t fit well with your specific identity and interests. Think about your race, gender, religion, social life, marital/family status, sexual orientation, etc. and make sure that it is a place where you will be able to live contently.

Want to learn more about teaching internationally as a certified teacher? Read my guide on How to Become an International School Teacher.

And don’t forget to take the quiz to find out where you should teach abroad:

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