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The best podcasts about teaching and living abroad

If you are a teacher at an international school, or considering getting into teaching abroad, listening to podcasts can be a great way to connect with other teachers! Hearing stories of classroom connections and thought-provoking travels is not only enjoyable, it can help you figure out where you might want to teach in the future. Plus, it’s always reassuring to hear from educators who are going through the same challenges that you are.

Here are six of my favorite podcasts about teaching and living abroad. I’ve been a guest on a number of them, and hope you’ll enjoy the episodes!

International Teacher Podcast

International Teacher Podcast is hosted by Greg (the single guy) and Matt (the family guy), who combined have dozens of years of international teaching experience. Episodes are sometimes with guest interviews and somethings just the hosts reminiscing about past experiences in Latin America or their current experiences in the Middle East. The podcast has a friendly vibe and you really feel like you’re sitting down for a drink with them.

I chatted with Greg about what it’s like to work at a boarding school in Switzerland and a private school in Colombia, plus we share some crazy police stories.

Suitcase Sagas

Efua and Jessica are friends who taught abroad together in Vietnam, and focus on issues relating to living abroad as an expat. They give tips for traveling, paperwork, cultural shock and more. Great for anyone wanting to move abroad, especially to the Middle East.

The Teaching Abroad Podcast

Kirstie’s podcast is quite new, but it’s already a great resource for teachers who are looking to go abroad for the first time. Kirstie is an Australian who has taught or student taught in Indonesia, Sweden and London and is currently in Hong Kong. She talks about her personal experiences and gives tips for choosing a good school for you. Check out her episode, Beginners Guide to International Curriculum, to get the basics on all different curriculum options and listen to my tips on the episode 7 Tips From 7 International Teachers All Over The World.

The International Schools Podcast

A bit more admin and business focused, this podcast looks at trends in international schools with an array of interviews. If you are interested in educational technology or leadership, then this is the podcast for you.

The Teach Abroad Pod

This podcast is for those teaching English, usually at private language schools around the world. If you aren’t a certified teacher but would like to be, getting a TEFL certification would be the fastest way to start teaching abroad. Interviews with different teachers around the world provide a diverse view of the most popular places to teach English abroad today.

She Hit Refresh

While not teaching specific, this is a podcast for women over 30 who want to hit refresh and move abroad. The host and many of the guests have taught ESL online or done the Auxiliar de Conversación English assistant program to teach in Spain, which is a great way to get a visa to live in Spain. Plus, it’s nice to hear stories about women of all ages and backgrounds who decide to make a change.

In this episode Cepee and I chatted about teaching in Spain, language learning, and traveling with anxiety.

If you are wanting to teach abroad for the first time or looking for a new school, read these posts about teaching in Kenya and Colombia or Kuwait, China, and the Ivory Coast. Then, get beginner tips by learning How to Become and International Teacher.

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