Goals for Secondary Immersion Programs

As I prepared my review sheet for the final exam last week, I was struck by the fact that it can be a lot harder to measure what students are learning in a Spanish Language Arts class (or any language class) than in a class like Math, where you solve problems, or Social Studies, where you learn about specific historical events. I worry that if students can’t itemize specifically what they’ve learned over the semester they will think they aren’t learning anything. So I got to thinking, “what are my bigger class and program goals? Do students know about them?

I’ve always had these overarching goals in the back of my mind, but finally wrote them down and even put them in an infographic. Amazing how much you can get done during a long weekend!

At the start of second semester I plan to bring these goals to my students and have them evaluate how they have grown this year based on these goals. I hope to put the Spanish version of this poster in my classroom and refer to it during the reading of the daily lesson. Maybe students will need to be the ones to say how the lesson connected to one of these goals.

Either way, I hope that this will give students a better overview of the goals they are working towards throughout the year.

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