Spanish Teacher Success Academy Online Conference

Spanish Teacher Success Academy

Update: This opportunity has passed, but Adventures in Heritage Teaching has a great blog post summarizing the takeaways from the heritage learners sessions. Check it out here!

There are a lot of great professional development opportunities out there for language teachers, but unfortunately most of them require a lot of time and a lot of money. I wrote about my wonderful experience at the La Cosecha Dual Language conference, which I would highly recommend, but flying to New Mexico for four days required over $1000 and getting a sub for three days–not possible on a regular basis.

So, I’m super excited to be part of a professional development opportunity that is FREE and ONLINE–who doesn’t love to work from their couch? The Spanish Teacher Success Academy is happening March 10-15, 2019 and is bringing together more than 20 Spanish teachers to share their knowledge and experience. Participants watch the sessions online and each day’s sessions are available for 48 hours in case you can’t get to them all in one day. Each day has a theme, from motivating your students to comprehensible input. Something unique to this opportunity is the amount of sessions (six!) specifically for teaching heritage learners. Here’s who is presenting about teaching heritage learners:

Spanish Teacher Success Academy Heritage speakers sessions

I have to admit that it is really weird to see my face on all these images! I don’t usually present at conferences, but I feel like getting more PD opportunities for teachers of heritage students is REALLY important. We have a uniquely tough job. I wanted to team up with Jared Romey and Speaking Latino because he and I both love learning and teaching about the variety of Spanish dialects. I’ve definitely used some of the Speaking Latino images in my classroom! In fact, my presentation talks about ways that we can incorporate multiple forms of Spanish when teaching, and how we can affirm the dialects that our students speak.

Besides just the videos, us presenters have shared other resources and materials from our presentations in a free playbook. Want a quick way to split up students into groups and expand their vocabulary at the same time? Group students by twos or fours by passing out the cards and requiring them to find partners with a card that is a synonym for the same object. They are available with and without images to make it a bit harder. You’ll get my print out of Spanish dialect vocabulary cards that you can print off and use in class tomorrow when you sign up for Spanish Teacher Success Academy for FREE.

Finally, once you sign up and see how great the presentations are, you may want to purchase an All Access Pass that will give you lifetime access to the videos, worksheets to get more out the presentations, and a number of other goodies. If you do choose to make a purchase, as an affiliate I would get a commission at no cost to you. I’m really excited about all there is to offer teachers here and I know this conference will be worth your time whether or not you buy the All Access Pass.

Comment below to let me know how you enjoyed Spanish Teacher Success Academy and if there are any topics you’d like to hear teachers present about in the future. Happy learning!

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