A snapshot of Spanish heritage classes across the country on a single day in October


shallow focus photo of dslr camera on brown wooden table
Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com on Pexels.com

Ever wondered what other heritage/immersion teachers and classes are doing?  I know that I think about this a lot, especially because I’m the only Spanish Language Arts teacher at my school!

Last week I was excited to participate with some colleagues in an initiative by a teacher in Illinois who had us each send in what we were doing in our classes on October 3rd.  It got me thinking about what I do on a regular basis in my class and how much of student learning comes from small partner conversations or warm up activities versus what I consider the meat of my content and curriculum on a daily basis.

Regardless, the result of the project was a really great way to see some of the amazing work that other heritage teachers are doing.  Check out his blog post here to see what everyone was learning and to get some great teaching ideas!


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